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Software Test Automation with QAliber

QAliber QAliber is made out of group of automation developers and QA experts. Based on our years of experience with software automation tools we developed a framework which will provide a new, better way for doing automatic testing, a way which is fully integrated with the development process, from the moment a new line of code was inserted into the software to the verification phase where you want to test your entire system.
Our framework is open source and free, we invite you to try it and contribute to it. :

  • QAliber Test Developer (free open source) is a Visual Studio plug-in.
    Create test cases as an integral part of your development solution.
  • QAliber Test Builder (free open source) is a robust testing framework for creating and executing tests with no coding skills. Supported by an open source community, which continually provides solutions to common automatic testing challenges.
For more information, see our Quick Start tutorial.