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QAliber Test Builder

a robust testing framework for creating and executing tests with no coding skills. Integrates fully as part of QAliber End to End solution, this product will give you the best value for creating test automation framework.

Product based on experience

Our experience with software automation using the market leading tools have is driving us to build QAliber Test Builder as system which will be simple enough to use, yet powerfull and flexible to provide users with no coding experience the ability to create virtually any test they desire, will run fast and smoothly, and provide a full, readable , detailed log about the test, not only if it failed or passed but let the user find what happed fast and in accuracy.

With QAliber Test Builder you can:

  • Create automated scenarios by simply drag and drop Test Cases from repository to tree based flow panel.
  • Use loops, conditions and parameters to create versatile and robust scenarios.
  • Select out of ever expanding Repository to run automated tasks such as handling windows and dialogs , I/O , registry , devices and more.
  • Receive a fully detailed run Log, with screenshots ,movies , performance graphs.
  • QAliber is supported by an open source community, which continually provides solutions to common automatic testing challenges.
Try it now free of charge and without registration.