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QAliber Test Developer

QAliber Test Developer is our free to download , open source, Visual Studio plug-in. It provides the tools which helps you create and deploy Test blocks fast and in an intuitive simple way. Beside the benefits of using a mature IDE, you get to enjoy Visual Studio capabilities such as intellisense / debug / documenting / deploing / attach to source control & and fully integrated work with your familiar development environment.

Our methodology:

In the past projects developers and testers were separated groups, the developers programmed the application and passed it as a black box to the testers or QA guy, which tested the application functionality/ performance /etc, without knowing how it is implemented. Today we know this is not sufficient, yet automation tools in the market are still separated from the development process. This is why we designed an integrated test framework for developing automation as part of your project development environment.

A developer or a QA automation developer who works closely with the dev team on the same project, react to any change in his code by creating / updating a Test Case which tests the new code, (moreover the QAliber methodology can fit TDD ) think of it as a tool for creating a more meaningful API/GUI tests that can be created as fast as you would write nUnit test, and still the same Test Case code will be re-used in integration and system tests by using our framework.

QAliber Test Developer advantages:

  • Write C#/.net code, use the .NET framework capabilities.
  • Create test cases as an integral part of your development solution.
  • Create GUI / API level test quick!
  • Record / Play GUI automation.
  • Support .NET forms / WPF / WEB GUI testing.
  • Run on all windows platforms with .NET framework 3.0 and up (XP,Vista,Win 7)
  • An ever growing Open source Common tools repository.
    • Try it now free of charge and without registration.