Instagram egg cracks open, revealing a wholesome mental health message – CNET

Hulu/Screenshot by Jackson Ryan

History will show that two events defined February 3, 2019: Super Bowl 53 and uncovering the identity of the world’s most famous Instagram egg.

The identity was traced to a creative in a London advertising agency, according to reports by BuzzFeed News and Mashable, but Egg fans would still have to wait until after Super Bowl 53 to find out more. In a Hulu special, the World Record Egg releases a short, 30 second video.

“Recently I’ve started to crack,” it begins, before the egg crumbles. “The pressure of social media is getting to me.”

“If you’re struggling too, talk to someone”, says the egg, before reanimating and getting its shell back with no cracks. “We got this” it finishes, before a URL for Mental Health America appears.

Twitter quickly filled for adoration for the egg after it went live.

And Mental Health America thanked the egg for “shining a limelight on #mentalhealth”.

I can’t say I expected the saga to end this way, at all, but I am glad that it did. Of all the ways that this could have gone, such a wholesome and positive message about mental health was not what many were betting on. Whether this was planned in advance, before the egg’s meteoric rise to stardom, or came about after the egg was crowned King/Queen of Instagram is still uncertain. 

World Record Egg did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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